The Szaflary Therms

are located about 100 km from Krakow.

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Properties of thermal water:

The water is rich in potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron and sulfur. It has a unique and diverse physicochemical composition, increased hardness and low alkalinity. Bath in water helps reduce obesity and overweight, treats insomnia, stabilizes heart rate, reduces cardiovascular diseases, eliminates weakness and headaches, reduces stress, improves mood, stabilizes the nervous system, restores internal peace and mental balance, accelerates convalescence after treatments and supports treatment , improves internal metabolism, regulates the hormonal balance.


  • Pools with high-mineralized thermal water

  • The best mineralization among waters used for recreational purposes in Podhale

  • Tram family slide

  • Paddling pool with a slide for children

  • Water whips

  • Massage benches

  • Hedgehogs and geysers

  • Devices for neck massage and shoulder part

  • Slides with a length of over 55 m

  • saunarium

  • Fitness room


Depth of water extraction:

3,000 m

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Tour price per group:

  • 1-4 people 99 €
  • 5-8 people 119 €

The travel price includes:

  • A private mini van, air conditioned and comfortable – with a driver just for you
  • Door-to-door service: You will be picked up and taken directly to / from your hotel / selected location in or near Krakow
  • Our German speaking driver will help you to buy a ticket while traveling. This makes the trip enjoyable – you do not have to worry about anything
  • A selection of refreshing drinks in summer

Additional fees:

Term admission tickets are not included in the price of the trip.

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