is located about 70 km south of Krakow.

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Rabka Zdrój is located about 70 km south of Krakow.

The spa Rabka-Zdrój is located in the bioclimatic mountain region and is characterized by a great variety of bioclimatic conditions with a moderate and strong stimulating type.

The natural resources of Rabka-Zdrój include mineral water. These are strong chloride sodium iodide sols used in bath, drink and inhalation treatments.

Rabkas Sole has unique healing properties and has been used for over 150 years for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties for the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract diseases as well as rheumatic diseases. Rabka’s brine also has very good care and cleansing properties

The basic treatment profile of the spa Rabka includes respiratory diseases, circulatory diseases, anemic diseases, allergic diseases, bronchial asthma, exudative syphilis, rheumatism, diabetes, metabolic diseases, atherosclerosis and neurosis.

Tour price per group:

  • 1-3 persons 99 € / 400 PLN
  • 4-6 persons 119 € / 480 PLN
  • 7-8 persons 129 € / 520 PLN

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