Beskidy is located about 150 km from Krakow.

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Beskidy is located about 150 km from Krakow and is well prepared for tourists in every way. No one will be bored in summer or winter.

Very well marked and picturesque guided tourist paths, designated lookout points, bicycle routes or swimming in mountain streams and streams are the main attractions in the summer. In the winter and summer season there are numerous chairlifts.

The travel time from Krakow to the Beskid Żywiecki is about 2 hours.

You choose the attractions and places you want to see.

Travel time:

up to 10 hours

Price per person:

  • 2-3 persons 69 € / 290 PLN
  • 4-6 persons 49 € / 210 PLN
  • 7-8 persons 42 € / 180 PLN

The travel price includes:

  • A private mini van, air conditioned and comfortable – with a driver just for you
  • Door-to-door service: You will be picked up and taken directly to / from your hotel / selected location in or near Krakow
  • Our German speaking driver will help you to buy a ticket while traveling. This makes the trip enjoyable – you do not have to worry about anything
  • A selection of refreshing drinks in summer

Additional fees:

Entry tickets for selected attractions are not included in the tour price.

Tourist attractions to choose from in the area:

The mountain “Żar”
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Żar is a very good lookout point. From the summit of the mountain there is a panorama of the Żywiecka Basin with Lake Żywieckie, the summits of the Żywiec Beskids and the Silesian Beskids as well as the Beskid Mały group, which is located on the other side of the Soła Magurka Wilkowicka group. In this group almost all peaks are visible.

Brewery Żywiec – Brewery Museum
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The Żywiec Brewery Museum was opened in 2006 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the brewery. Even the location of the museum arouses curiosity, because it is located in the former cellar of the brewery. After crossing the museum gate, guests enter the world, which is shaped by the brewery’s more than 160-year history and the beer it produces. They pass through the exhibition halls and actively learn about the development of the brewery and the Żywiec brand to this day. After visiting the museum rooms, you have time to drink beer and buy souvenirs.

Old castle in Żywiec – city museum
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The castle is located on the site of a medieval castle, which was destroyed in 1477 by the military action of the forces of King Kazimir Jagiellonian against the Kororovsky coat of arms.

The reconstruction of the castle took place in the years 1485-1500; Another expansion took place in 1567 and was headed by Komorowski. Since 2005, the Old Castle is the seat of the City Museum in Żywiec. As part of the permanent exhibitions of the museum you can watch ethnographic exhibition that complements the wooden architecture of the Silesian voivodeship.

Habsburg Palace
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The palace was designed by Archduke Albrecht von Karol Pietschka and rebuilt several times. In the years 1893-1895, a new, glass-roofed wing was created in the bedroom and guest rooms were arranged. A further expansion took place when the possession of wieywiec was taken over by the deceased uncle Karol Stefan.

At that time, a pavilion was added for the extension of the south wing, in which the ballroom was located on the first floor, so-called mirrored, because it was filled with mirrors. The last extension was made in 1911.

Pedestrian zone and market in Wisła
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The market place in Wisła is the central square of the city, which was created in the interwar period. There is a fountain in the market square below the spa building, which provides a refreshment on hot days, and next to it are stalls selling local handicrafts.

Currently, this place is very interesting to create a beautiful promenade, where tourists meet in large numbers. You can sit on the bench, listen to musicians, have a coffee or eat well.

The ski jump in Wisła
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The ski jump in Malinka is artificially snowed all year round, illuminated, with the surface of the needle. With the chairlift next to the hill, the tower can also be used as an ideal vantage point for tourists. The hill is a symbol of gratitude for Adam Małysz. It will honor its merits for the city and Poland, which is why the object was named after the most famous Polish ski jumper.

The chairlift to Skrzyczne
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Skrzyczne is the highest peak of the Silesian Beskidy, rising above Szczyrk. The chairlift to Skrzyczne is a modern lift consisting of two sections. The lower part begins in Szczyrk and a 2-seater sofa that brings tourists to Hala Jaworzyna. Next is the second episode from Jaworzyna to Skrzyczne. The tourists are driven by a modern 4-seater sofa.

Journey with the tourist train
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Take the tourist train to the main sights of the Vistula. There are 3 routes to choose from. The journey takes about 2.5 hours.

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